Welcome to The Dub Cavern

Tracks recorded, mixed or mastered at at the Dub Cavern Studio located in the centre of Norwich.

About The Dub Cavern


Mikey Shaw is an Engineer and Producer with a long history entrenched in the local Norwich music scene, with years of running studios and mix rooms in and around the Norwich area.

The studio comprises of a hybrid set up of vintage analogue recording gear, handmade ‘one offs’, and high quality converters set within a digital interface/multitracking system.

Whilst Mikey’s roots are in the production of been reggae and dub, there is no limit to the studio’s applications in terms of genre. The vintage warmth and beefiness of valve and tape based recording/mixing equipment lends itself to just about all forms of music.
Mikey has a prodiciency and technicality working in the analog and digital domain which allows him to confidently undertake many varieties of recording, mixing or session work. With many years of experience touring with historic local acts such as Solko and The Piratones, Mikey is also able to provide production elements such as live drums, percussion and keys to your tracks and has built a wide variety of contacts in the local scene to call on for session work to add extra instrumentation as required. Each projects is unique and requires a different skill set, whether that is musically, technically or occasionally a certain amount of wizardry, so feel free to contact using the details below to discuss your requirements and needs.

These days Mikey is kept very busy in his Norwich city centre space undertaking high level analog mixing and mastering work, alongside producing for a select number of artists.

All kinds of work can be undertaken, band/artist recording/mixing and mastering, remote drum recording, post-production/stems work (for producers/artists wanting to add the finishing touches), spoken word, vocal overdubs etc.

Past artists engineered/mixed/produced for include:
The Grampians
Leo Lore
Maya Law
Freya Roy
Totally Dubwise Recordings
Jackie Murda
Eat Your Own Head
Skinnyboy tunes
Shaolin Digital
Dub Cavern
Dub Sweat & Beers
The Piratones
The Vagaband
Jose Mcgill
Hank Wangford
Harry Ixer
Beau Marcel
Lianne Kaye Binnington
Dr Clyde

Studio Images

Gear & Equipment


Universal Audio Apollo Converters
Cubase 11
Audio Accessories 96 point Patchbay

Condenser Microphones:

Avantone BV-1 Valve Microphone
Neumann U87
Vintage Neumann U-47 FET
Neumann U-47 valve clone
Rode NT2000 (Pair)
AKG C 451 B Pencil (Pair)
Avantone CK-1 Pencil (Pair)

Ribbon Microphones:

Vintage Coles 4038 Microphone (Pair)
Cascade Fathead II (Pair)

Dynamic Microphones:

Vintage Sennheiser MD 421-N (x2)
Audix D6
Shure SM7B
Shure Beta 52b
Shure Beta 57a
Shure SM91 Boundary Mic
Shure SM57’s
Shure SM58’s

Outboard Equipment

Microphone Preamps:

UA Apollo Unison pre’s
Audient ASP008 pre’s
Warm Audio WA12 pre
Vintage Valve ‘Joe Meek style’ British Handmade Pre
Vintage Stereo Valve (Dual Triode) British Handmade Pre
Stam Audio Stereo 1073 Preamps (Neve 1073 Clone)

Dynamics Outboard:

Retro Instruments 176 Valve Vari-mu Compressor
Gainlab Audio Dictator Stereo Vari-mu Compressor
Neve 33609 Stereo Compressor
Stam Audio LA-2A
DBX 160x Compressor
Warm Audio 1176 Compressor
Warm Audio EQP-WA Pultec Valve EQ

Effects Outboard:

(Above valve pre’s for saturation & distortion)
Vintage Roland Space Echo RE-201 Tape Echo
Custom made Westfinga Valve Spring Reverb + Filter
Great British Spring Reverb
Vintage Grampian 636 Spring Reverb
Vintage Valve Spacexpander Spring Reverbs (x2)
Korg SDD1000 Digital Delay
Vintage Leslie (Hammond Organ) Rotary Cabinet



A Canadian Maple drum kit is available to use in house, handmade by Sam Buckland in Shropshire.
Vintage Zildjian hollow logo Z and A Custom 18” & 16” Crash cymbals
Sabian Signature 18.5” Crash
Zildjian A New Beat Hi Hats
Zildjian K Hi Hats
Sabian Vault Jo Jo Mayer Hi Hats
Istanbul 18 Agop Crash
Zildjian Dark Splash 8”
Sabian AAXplosion Splash 10”
Zildjian K Custom Dark Left Side Ride 20”
Various Percussion
Hang Drum
Tank Drum


Hammond Organ & Leslie 147 valve cabinet
MicroKorg Analogue Synth
Axiom Pro 49 Midi Keyboard
Various Guitars and Amps available

Contact & Location

Contact the Dub Cavern Studio for more information on studio rates and availability.

Mobile: 07791561908
Address: King St, Norwich NR1 1PD
Email: mikeydubcavernstudio@gmail.com